Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Helpful Tip Tuesday: Studying the Bible

"London preacher and Bible teacher Dick Lucas provides these six basic questions that, if asked, will prove helpful:

1.  What is the main point (or points) of the text?

2.  How can you tell what the main point is?

3.  How does your understanding of the text connect to what came immediately before and after?

4.  Does this text tell us about or point us to Jesus? How?

5.  What are the surprises in this text?

6.  What is the application of this text? How do you know?

     Get the big picture. After applying these questions to the text you are studying, ask this question: 'How is the text tied to the context of the whole Bible?'  This will help you avoid getting bogged down in the small details and enable you to gain an understanding of how a smaller section of the Bible fits into the big picture."

~As quoted in Disciplines of a Godly Woman, pg. 79-80

1 comment:

  1. I love this! A perfect set of questions for myself but also to give to someone just beginning to read and study the Bible.


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