Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Helpful Tip Tuesday: How to Begin Setting Financial Goals

"How to Begin Goal Setting [in your finances]

1.  Clear out a one hour block of time in your schedule this week.

2.  Sit down with a blank piece of paper...and ask yourself, "Where do I want to be financially five years from now?"

3.  Write down everything that comes to mind.

4.  After you've brainstormed a bunch of ideas, go back through them and choose three goals.

5.  Write down your three goals.

6.  Break your goals into bit-sized, measurable pieces.

7.  Post your goals in a conspicuous location and review them often.

8.  Reward yourself for a job well done."

~As quoted in The Money Saving Mom's Budget, Ch.1 by Crystal Paine

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