Monday, September 10, 2012

ABC's for Christians

"Alphabetical Guide for Christians...

  A-ttend church faithfully.
  B-e careful in all things.
  C-onsider well; then decide positively.
  D-o right; fear to do wrong.
  E-ndure hardships with calmness.
  F-orsake not your family.
  G-o no place that will ruin character.
  H-ate no one. Do good to everyone.
  I-gnore no one; practice hospitality.
  J-oin hands with the righteous.
  K-eep your mind pure.
  L-ie not for any consideration.
  M-inister unto the needy.
  O-ppose things that are evil.
  P-ay your debts promptly.
  Q-uestion not the honesty of a friend.
  S-acrifice money rather than principle.
  T-hink before you speak.
  U-se your time wisely.
  W-atch your temper.
  X-ray your thoughts before speaking.
  Y-ield not to discouragements.
  Z-ealousy labor for the right, and spiritual success is certain."

~Joe Maynard

1 comment:

  1. Great list! I've been doing the abc's with my son and didn't think one more bit of information surround them could fit in my brain - God always shows me His power is greater than mine



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