Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Helpful Tip Tuesday: 22 Things Kids Appreciate

What Kids Appreciate

1.  We were often spontaneously getting hugged even apart from completing a task or chore.

2.  They would let me explain my side of the story.

3.  They would take each of us out individually for a special breakfast with Mom and Dad.

4.  My mother always carried pictures of each of us in her purse.

5.  They would watch their tone of voice when they argued.

6.  My parents made sure that each one of us kids appeared in the family photos.

7.  They were willing to admit when they were wrong and say "I'm sorry."

8.  I saw my parents praying for me even when I didn't feel I deserved it.

9.  My folks wrote up a special "story of my birth" that they read to me every year.

10.  They attended all of my open houses at school.

11.  My mother and father would ask us children our opinions on important family decisions.

12.  My mom had a great sense of humor, but she never made us kids the brunt of her jokes.

13.  My parents wouldn't change things in my bedroom without asking me if it was okay with me.

14  When I wrecked my parent's car, my father's first reaction was to hug me and let me cry instead of yelling at me.

15.  My parents were patient with me when I went through my long-hair stage in high school.

16.  My mother would pray with me about important decisions I was facing, or even that I would have a good day at school.

17.  We would have "family meetings" every two weeks where everyone would share their goals and problems.

18.  Even though I didn't like it at the time, the chores my parents made me do helped me learn responsibility.

19.  When I was down about my boyfriend breaking up with me, my father took extra time just to listen to me and cry with me.

20.  My parents never acted like they were perfect, and they never expected us to be perfect either.

21.  My mother would let me explain my point of view on issues-even when she disagreed with me. She always made me feel that my opinion was important.

22.  My parents didn't compare my abilities with those of my older brother or the other kids at school, but helped me see my own unique value.

~Gary Smalley and John Trent
selected from a list of one hundred, from "The Blessing"
as quoted in Lists to Live By

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