Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Helpful Tip Tuesday: Preparing For Father's Day

10 Ideas For A Fabulous Unforgettable Father's Day

1.  If you can't be together, mark your calendar so you will be sure to call your father. Include comments about what he means to you as a father, mentor, and friend.

2.  Pick a photo of you and your father together and write a note to him about why the picture is meaningful to you. Send it in time to arrive a day before Father's Day.

3.  Buy tickets to a game of his favortie sport and go together.

4.  Offer to join him at his church for the Father's Day services.

5.  Write him a letter thanking him for two or more traits he taught you that really make you a more successful person.

6.  Record a cassette for him that shares a special memory of childhood that you both cherish so he can enjoy it in the car or at home.

7.  Order a beef stick and and cheese box, or some other favorite snack gift package, and have it delivered a day early. Enclose a card that says you will join him to watch a game or movie of his choice.

8.  Make a video for him of your childhood home and include a commentary on memories and lessons you really value from your childhood.

9.  Take him to a dinner place of his choice and surprise him with two or three of his friends that he may not see often. Plan this for the day before or after Father's Day so they will be available.

10.   Ask your brothers and sisters to join you in writing notes sharing how your father's influence and availability over the years benefited your family life. Include them in a memory book with a nice masculine cover.

~Daniel L. Mcauley
Father of three, grandfather of six
as quoted in Lists To Live By


  1. These are wonderful. It's nice to see ideas for a father of adults. I haven't seen many and this is refreshing.


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