Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter From A Friend

"I am writing to say how much I care for you and to say how much I want you to know me better.

When you awoke this morning  I exploded a brilliant sunrise through your window hoping to get your attention, but you rushed off without even noticing.

Later, I noticed you were walking with some friends, so I bathed you in warm sunshine and perfumed the air with nature's sweet scent, and still you didn't notice me. As you passed by, I shouted to you in a thunderstorm and painted a beautiful rainbow in the sky and you didn't even look.

In the evening, I spilled moonlight onto your face and sent a cool breeze to rest you. As you slept, I watched over you and shared your thoughts, but you were unaware that I was so near.

I have chosen you and hope you will talk to me soon. Until then I will remain near. I am your friend and love you very much.

Your Friend,
Jesus "

~Author Unknown


  1. Oh Kathy, I LOVE this I will have to use it! I don't think I have ever heard it.

    1. I have actually had this on a little card I got right after I gave my life to Jesus as a teenager. It has always spoken to me of God's great love even when I fail to acknowledge HIM. God is so good!

  2. I am so using that this year with some of my girls who are new in their walk with Jesus - you are turning in a real fountain of needed information for me!

    1. That's my desire! I pray it speaks to the girls you are helping...that's the time of life when I came across this letter myself!


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