Monday, April 16, 2012

Remembering Our Home

"What I Want My Child To Remember About Home

  • That their father and mother loved each other.
  • That our home was a happy one because we all worked to keep it so.
  • That each child was given every possible opportunity to develop his own personality.
  • That the books in the house were to be read if handled rightly, and there were no shelves under lock and key because of questionable contents.
  • That absolute truth abided there; no earnest questioner, however young, was put off with subterfuge or evasion.
  • That we believed in hospitality, in spite of any extra labor involved, and that our friends loved to come to visit us.
  • That Sunday was the happiest day of the week, and that we all looked forward to its coming because it was the day when we went to church together and then came home for an afternoon with Father in the midst.
  • That though Father and Mother worked hard and long at their respective jobs, they found time every day to keep informed on current events, to read good books, to think through to logical conclusions, and to pray."


  1. Loved this list! Number 4 is great!!!

  2. May it be so in my home as well! What a great list and one to aspire to. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I love this! I am not a parent but I hope to apply these "rules" to our home!

  4. Love this post... makes me want to come round your house for a cuppa and fellowship myself!


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