Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Read To My Kids

 Become a Soldier for Jesus

  I recently read a book to my three kids called, Teddy's Button By Amy Lefeuvre (a Lamplighter Book found at their website here). We sat down on our couch, all snuggled up together, and I read a few chapters aloud to them. The first day I started the book, my son, Marcus (my ten year old) was begging me to continue reading! He didn't want me to stop. He was enjoying it that much! Of course, this was music to my ears. I love to hear my kids wanting to listen to more books, and more of mommy reading to them.

 Teddy's Button is about the story of a young boy that gives his life to God. Before he did this, he was a mischievous, little boy that had a difficult time caring about others (especially a girl named Nancy). Teddy's most precious possession was the button from his dad's coat, who died as a soldier in the army. All Teddy wanted to be when he grew up was a soldier, too. However, the pastor spoke to him about being in God's army.   He told him that he could be one of God's soldiers right away if he gave his life to Him. Teddy contemplated the decision and decided to do it. He began to change and build better relationships with Nancy and others in the village. Teddy's goal changed so that all he wanted to do was encourage others to join God's army, too.

A Quote from the Book:

 “…I went to God and enlisted. I did it quite by myself in the wood. You can do it too, Bouncer-give yourself to God as His soldier, and He’ll take you and keep you. He gave His life for you, and now he wants you to give your life to Him.”

What my kids thought of this book:
  • They were so excited when I told them it was time for me to read Teddy's Button!
  • They always wanted me to keep reading and to not stop when I said it was time..."One more chapter!" they begged.
  • Marcus liked how Teddy enlisted to be God's soldier, and Rob liked that Teddy's friend, Nancy, enlisted as well.
  • Rob learned that God can build friendships like he did for Teddy and Nancy.
  • Marcus learned that each of us have an enemy, ourselves, and that God will never leave us.
  • Allie simply enjoyed listening to the book.


  A few of my thoughts on this book:
  • Some fancy language-even I had a hard time pronouncing a few words (written in the 1800s vernacular), yet I like to be challenged in my reading and vocabulary skills
  • I love the strong, moral issues it talks about (giving your life to God, self-control, respect, love)
  •  I love the main character. Teddy had such a heart to live for God. I desire my kids to read about and aspire to be like him.
  • The book is about kids, and I can relate the issues in the book to what my kids have experienced or might in the future (ie. I asked each of them, "Have you enlisted in God's army? What does that mean to you?) 
  • I loved the emphasis of the book on living for God and trying to love people as God does.

    At first, I had to summarize the book for Rob (my seven year old). Allie (my five year old) was not comprehending as much as the boys at first, but she did as I kept reading and talking about it with the kids.

     The website has some character comprehension quizzes and answer keys that are free for you to download (see here).  It's a great way to test their comprehension and talk about the story. There is a quiz & answer key for Teddy's Button, but unfortunately they don't have quizzes for every book yet.

*They also have INCREDIBLE audio series CDs available, too!
*I mention this company because my family has been so blessed by their resources, and I want you to be, too.


    1. I am going to make my husband broke with all these great books that you are making me want to buy {heehee}.

    2. So glad to see this review. I purchased the book to read to the boys and we read through the first chapter but then got busy and I haven't picked it back up. After my daughters graduation and end of the year hoopla maybe we'll have time to pick it up and read together over the summer.

      1. Hi Theresa!
        That's so cool that you already have this book and are planning on reading it to your boys! Great minds think alike! How old are your boys? Have they read any other Lamplighter books?


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