Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Passage from "The Ministry of Motherhood"

"When we take the opportunity to expose our children to the glory of God displayed in a rainbow or powerful ocean waves or a star-studded night sky, we are helping them understand that there is a Being much bigger than themselves who created the universe and holds it together with his power. When we tell them about our answered prayers and those amazing 'coincidences' that confirm God's presence in our lives, we help them realize that God is close and caring and active in our daily circumstances. When we explain the things we have been able to do in the Holy Spirit's power that we couldn't accomplish alone, we help them understand how God works and what he can accomplish through us. As we tell them 'look' and 'observe,' we instill the hope that a supernatural Being more powerful than we can understand intervenes in time and space to help us and to interact with our lives."
                               ~Sally Clarkson, The Ministry of Motherhood, pg. 85

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