Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Helpful Tip Tuesday: Active Listening Part I

Why take notes during a sermon or lesson?
  1.   The spoken language is 90% forgotten within a week,   but you will retain about 50% of what you write down.
  2.   Taking notes during a sermon provides a written record for review.
  3.   It forces you to listen carefully and to pay attention. It forces you to become an "active listener."
  4.   It requires organization, which involves active effort on your part.
  5.   Taking notes aids in understanding because you must condense and rephrase what is being said.
  6.   1 Peter 4:11 says that people who teach "should do it as one speaking the very words of God." This being true, to do anything less than listen with a whole heart is missing the very words of God for us on a given day. There is no such thing as an "ordinary sermon" if the speaker is a man or woman of God.
  7.   Taking notes during a sermon or lesson will help you grow as a follower of Christ.
~Taken from Family Christian Press, Sermon & Lesson Organizer

Active Listening Part II will be shared on next week's Helpful Tip Tuesday!


  1. I am a note taker to the core ... I even make notes in books as I read them - lol If I don't write it down I don't learn ... love these points - thanks for posting.

  2. This is great! Good reminders on why to take notes. It's true that you remember more when you do. Thanks!


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