Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Helpful Tip Tuesday: Car Rides

Activities on the Road

If you have a long car ride, plan in advance to pack:
  • Books on tape (free from the public library). There are some great titles for family listening.
  • Books for individual and group reading.
  • Art supplies. Try sticker books and coloring books to occupy your kids' time. Or if you really want to think ahead, bring old Christmas cards for the kids to cut up with fancy edging scissors, to be used as holiday gift tags.
  • Games. Magnetic travel versions such as checkers, chess, and Othello are great. 
  • Journals for recording travel experiences.
  •  Music. Each of the kids has his or her favorite type of music, so we let them bring CDs or tapes to share with everyone.
Taken from the Book:  America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money


  1. Great ideas Kathy! One problem, one of my children gets car sick :(

  2. Great tips :) One of mine gets car sick ;/


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